The last few days in Twin Falls have been beautiful. Today was 60 degrees and sunny and my kids were outside playing from the time they got out of school to dinner time. It seemed like most of the neighbor kids were out too as we could hear all the shouts and sounds of outdoor fun. There have actually been a few days over the last two weeks where I tried to convince my wife to go kayak with me at Centennial Park. She said it was too cold, and it probably was, so we will wait a few days longer. But to say I am excited for spring weather and water fun is an understatement.

I just found a video posted on Youtube two days ago from a couple who went rafting along the Salmon River and recorded all the rapids they ran through on their 80 mile journey. The video claims they hit more than 70 rapids and that was 70 times I was jealous of them. Watching the video it is clear that they didn't just go rafting this year since there is no snow to be seen and they are in shorts and sandals.

Outdoor adventures currently between Stanley and Riggins are guaranteed to be much colder than shorts and sandals weather with highs in the 30's and lows in the teens along with chances for rain and snow this weekend. Maybe these guys were just excited that water play weather is coming at us and they decided to post one of their old adventures. Either way I'm also excited to get out on the rivers and lakes of Idaho this year.

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