If you find yourself in search of a good corndog in a post-fair-season Southern Idaho, we found a new food truck that's serving up golden delicious corndogs year-round.

The debated origins of the corndog

The exact origin of the corndog is somewhat debated, but there are a few prevalent theories:

Elijah Webster - Unsplash
Elijah Webster - Unsplash

Texas State Fair Theory

The Texas State Fair, held in Dallas, Texas, is often credited with introducing the corndog to the public. In 1942, a husband and wife named Neil and Carl Fletcher are said to have come up with the idea of impaling a hot dog on a stick, dipping it in cornmeal batter, and then frying it. They initially called it the "Corny Dog," and it became a hit at the fair.

Minnesota State Fair Theory

Some sources attribute the invention of the corndog to the Pronto Pup stand at the Minnesota State Fair in the 1940s. The Pronto Pup was a similar concept—a hot dog on a stick coated in a cornmeal batter and deep-fried. The Pronto Pup stand claimed to have introduced this snack before the Texas State Fair's Fletcher family, but evidence to support this claim is hard to come by.

Multiple Origins Theory

It's possible that the concept of coating sausages in batter and frying them is not unique to a single origin. Various regional fairs and food vendors might have independently come up with similar ideas for creating fried hot dog treats.

Magic Valley has a new source for year-round corndogs

I recently spotted a food truck serving up corndogs at Blue Rock Farm Market in Twin Falls. The Rusty Dog is a popular Boise area corndog truck that serves corndogs made with all beef dogs, freshly dipped in corn batter. The Rusty Dog menu lists everything from your standard dog to more elaborate creations like a jalapeno-layered corndog, or even a corndog wrapped in bacon. I've personally tried the latter and I was not disappointed.

I was pleased to learn that The Rusty Dog has a Magic Valley-based truck, so you can expect to see more of them around the Twin Falls area. Like many food trucks, The Rusty Dog doesn't have a set location but you can follow them on social media to see where they're heading next. And The Rusty Dog is always on the lookout for events. If you or your business is looking for a food truck vendor, you can find their contact information on The Rusty Dog Website.

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