Technically Hwy 30 Music Fest has 3 headliners, but it appears that Chris Janson may be one of those nights. Chris Janson was a huge hit at the Twin Falls County Fair this year. 

If you were trolling  Facebook recently you may have seen, just for a split second, an inkling that Chris Janson would be one of the headliners. The post is since gone and I can't find any information confirming this, Gordy from Hwy 30 Music Fest isn't exactly taking my calls right now which gives me even more suspicion that the information out there may be accurate but premature. Don't worry, I will be blowing up his phone until he finally gives in and answers me.

If this is accurate I am seriously so excited to see him. I unfortunately had to be out of town during the Twin Falls County Fair when he performed there. Janson has started blowing up on the country music scene. Songs like "Good Vibes", "Drunk Girl", "Fix A Drink" and "Buy Me A Boat" are some of the most popular songs of his playing on the radio right now.

Gordy from Hwy 30 Music Fest has announced other artists returning like Sam Riggs, Magnolia Bayou, James Lee Band and the artist voted on by the people, Austin English. More bands and artists will undoubtedly be announced soon. I am almost, ALMOST positive that Chris Janson is going to be coming as well. Maybe everyone reading this can help me too. Harass Gordy for me and tell him to call me back so I can get confirmation either way if Chris Janson is headed back our way.

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