Lee Brice has announced that come August 8th, he will be at the Portneuf Health Trust Ampitheater.

You can get tickets starting at $30 and they go on sale this Friday, June 21st. Lee Brice will be performing with Wynonna & the Big Noise in Pocatello. If you aren't sure who Lee Brice is then you are in for a treat. He sings songs like "Rumor" which is his newest one on the radio right now and my personal favorite. He also sings "Boy", "Hard to Love", and "I Don't Dance"

Those are just some of his more popular songs. And if you ask me $30 for a country concert isn't too bad at all. I have never been to a venue in Pocatello so I can't speak for the advantage at the Portneuf Health Trust Ampitheater. But if you check it out online it looks pretty nice. Who is going to go check him out?

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