According to sources in Boise, In N Out is in the early stages of expanding into Idaho. This makes my heart so happy!

The first to report was Idaho Statesman and then CBS2 in Boise. If you are looking for animal style fries and a double double you  might not be waiting too much longer. In N Out has to be one of if not my favorite fast food burger chain in the entire world.

I know there is one in Salt Lake City but I have heard not so great things about it so if I were you I wouldn't judge the food too harshly just yet. Hopefully In N Out coming to Boise means it will not only be closer but you will have a good experience.

The lines for In N Out can be really long and I imagine once this place opens up in Boise it is going to be incredibly long. That is ok with me. The food is totally worth it. In N Out has so great shakes as well, they make all their fries by hand, they have mounds of potatoes in the kitchen and they cut the fries and put them right in the deep fryer.

In N Out also has a secret menu that is to die for. You can get it without a bun protein style and at once point you could get 100 burger patties. I think they have quit doing that though. I can't wait.

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