There are two main types of prospective dog owners. Both will offer loving homes. Both will be responsible and give proper food, love, and medical care to their new friend. Neither future pet owner is wrong. One is just better than the other.

If there are 2 Different Types of Potential Dog Owners, Which One Are You?

Responsible people do their homework before deciding to get a dog. These people read up on the traits of different breeds. They research fur length and type for thoughts on grooming and allergies. They consider the breed’s temperament toward adults, families, or children of different ages. They look at size and health charts. After compiling all available data, they contact a reputable breeder and pay an exorbitant amount of money to get the exact dog they researched.

Adventurous people see a cute face at the animal shelter and take it home. They fill out an application and learn about any needs the dog may have. They make several visits to see if the dog has trouble with socialization. If the dog is older, they ask about the former owners. If younger, they make sure the necessities are ready at home and go for it.

Shelter Dogs in Idaho Have a 50/50 Chance at a Loving Home

In a recent study, potential dog owners were asked if they would adopt from a shelter or a breeder. The choice to adopt from a shelter is up 6% for a total of 46% nationwide.

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Shelter dogs in Wyoming, New Mexico, and Nebraska may be hard to find. They have a great chance of getting adopted. Dogs may want to move away from South Dakota, Maine, and Nevada if they want to find a home. Those states aren’t keen on pound pups.

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Responsible dog ownership is a wonderful calling. Wherever the dog begins, the fact that it ends up in a happy home is the ultimate goal. Some owners are just better than others.

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