There are some moments when we don’t understand people. There are some moments when we are thankful for people. Sometimes these moments happen in the same instance.

On the afternoon of Monday, July 10th, there was an incident at the Jerome Animal Shelter. The budget-strapped and animal-packed shelter was hit hard. A juvenile individual broke into the facility and poisoned the shelter dogs there. A majority of the dogs were affected.

With quick responses from 911 respondents, the animal shelter technician, Sawtooth Veterinary Services, and volunteers, the dogs survived after consuming rat poison.

KMVT reports the juvenile in question called 911 to report the incident. Jerome police arrested them. They are facing felony charges of burglary, malicious injury to property, poisoning animals, grand theft, and a misdemeanor criminal trespass.

People for Pets - Twin Falls Animal Shelter shares in the struggle to understand and asks the community to assist the Jerome Animal Shelter in any way they can.

The small facility operates as best it can with one full-time and one part-time shelter attendant. They take in lost dogs and try to help them find their homes. The shelter assists in finding forever homes for abandoned and unwanted dogs as well. With a kennel large enough to house only 14 dogs, the five hundred dog per year average stays very busy. With such a small facility, they are unable to care for cats or exotic pets.

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Without the help of volunteers, they would not be able to complete all the hard work put before them. Anyone who would like to help the Jerome Animal Shelter can contact them at 208-324-8436.

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