It happens every year. You take your kiddos to the pumpkin patch...they take an hour or two picking out the perfect pumpkin. You take the pumpkin home, place it on your front porch and then...someone steals it. We can all agree that stealing pumpkins is terrible, but its part of Halloween. There isn't much we can do about pumpkins getting stolen, or is there? According to Gawker a woman in Washington D.C. was upset when she found someone had stolen a pumpkin she'd carved with her two-year-old son . . . so she put up a great sign with a message for the thief.  First, it sarcastically thanks them for teaching her son that people can be mean, then says, quote, "Because my son cannot read this sign, I will add:  You are an [a-hole]."

I don't think this is the best thing to do when someone steals your pumpkins, but its a start. What would do if someone stole your pumpkins?