Many residents in Idaho have pets. Who doesn't love a dog, a cat, a horse, a cow, or any other farm animal? Owning pets makes life more enjoyable, but not all pets are created equal. While you may love your frog, lizard, or fish, it is not the same as owning a dog, a horse, or a cat. Certain animals are more enjoyable to own and ones that will show you love and protect you in any situation. In Idaho, it is legal to own a certain exotic animal, and that animal is a kangaroo. There are some rules to owning one, which you can read by clicking the link. A video recently surfaced of an interaction a man had with a kangaroo, and it is proof of why owning one in Idaho is a good idea.

Kangaroo Attempts to Fight Man and Son

There are pros and cons to owning a kangaroo, but one of the pros has to be teaching it to fight and protect you from any potential threats. While the man and his son in the video above are not threats, the video does show that kangaroos are persistent and will not give up. The young kangaroo luckily did not seem to want to cause harm but was agitated. This video took place at Perth Wildlife in Australia, when the man's wife was trying to get away from the kangaroo who had taken offense to her. He stepped in to intervene, and as you can see the kangaroo didn't take too kindly to him. Imagine having this as a pet though, to protect you from intruders.

Owning a Kangaroo in Idaho

Credit: binbeter
Credit: binbeter

If you click on the link in the first paragraph, you will find out how you can legally own a kangaroo in Idaho. While many husbands would likely love to have one, convincing the wife might be a different story. They are extremely intelligent animals and while the video above can be used as a reason to get one, it can also be used as a reason against one. If you are the one to irritate the animal, they could pursue you that way and not stop until they get that punch or kick in. My boss and I are both persistent that one of us needs to get one at some point.

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While there is still plenty of loopholes to jump through to own a kangaroo, you can at least enjoy this video and imagine what you could have at home. Use this video as a friendly reminder, that even at a zoo, animals have a mind of their own and it is best to keep a distance from them. If you ever upset a kangaroo, make sure to get to a safe spot, because we now know they won't stop.

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