It is officially fall and there are going to be some weather changes. With that comes some changes to your power bill. I know that I am checking my power bill because I know I definitely use more power when the weather turns. So if you are looking for ways to keep that power bill down, we have some tips.

Check Your Air Filters

Make sure you check the air filters in your heating system. You definitely want to make sure they get replaced if they are dirty. According to Idaho Power, air filters that have not been cleaned can cause your unit to be less efficient, therefore, taking more power to run.

Does Your House Have A Draft?

If your doors don't seal all the way, maybe your windows aren't tightly shut, or the weather stripping is worn out. It is best to replace and fix all those things. I have a device under my door that you slide on that prevents air leaks. It has helped a lot. The more air you keep in your home the less hard things have to work.

Adjust Your Ceiling Fans

I had no idea when I first moved out on my own that ceiling fans have two different directions they go, one for when it's hot outside and one for when it is cold. Check and make sure your fans are running clockwise to help push the heat down to the floor.

LEDs Are Magic

If you haven't already changed to LED lighting, it is definitely beneficial. The lights use less power and last longer. Worth the investment.

The Water Heater Should Be Set At 120 Degrees

This is another thing I didn't know. Idaho Power said that the water heater should be set at 120 degrees to save energy while using water. 120 degrees seems pretty hot so I don't see that being a big issue.

Check Insulation

I have a room in my house that is not insulated at all and we definitely pay for it throughout the year. If you do not have adequate insulation your units are working harder to both heat and cool your home.

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