It has been a fairly mild summer I would say. But coming right for us is triple digit heat. Be ready for excessive heat and the dangers that can come with it.

For the forecast Thursday, July 30th, the high is supposed to be 101 degrees. For Friday the high is supposed to be 102 degrees. While I do love the heat, there are some issues surrounding extreme heat.

According to research, excessive heat can cause health issues for people including heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke or hyperthermia. According to the World Health Organization, temperature extremes can even make current chronic conditions worse and harder for the body to fight.

While these temperatures are increasing make sure you stay hydrated, find ways to keep your body cool, wear bright and loose fitting clothing to help keep the body cool and avoid alcohol, sugary drinks and caffeine. All of those things can cause the body temperature to rise.

Some symptoms of any of these issues could be dizziness, weakness, feeling anxious, extreme thirst and headaches. It is suggested that you move to a cool place immediately if you feel any of these symptoms because issues could come on rapidly.

It is something that we say every year as well, make sure you don't leave children, anyone who needs assistance or pets in hot cars and keep an eye on them. Also stay in the shade while you can.

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