The time change happens this Saturday night, Sunday morning, whichever you prefer to do. This is the first time I have ever seen it happen on Halloween. Is the "fall back" going to be better or worse on Halloween?

Personally, I think it might actually be the one time the time change is going to be tolerable. I get an extra hour of sleep before I have to get up and do some clean up on Sunday morning from the party and candy I will undoubtedly eat copious amounts of and leave wrappers everywhere. Do you think the time change happening on Halloween will make it better?

I hate changing the clocks and I really think it would be better if we got rid of it all together. I know in the past others have agreed with that as well. Maybe 2020 is the perfect year to get rid of changing the clocks. Everything else is chaos why not add some simplicity and get rid of it? There have been issues like heart attack and stress, lack of productivity and so much more linked to the time change. Let's just give it the boot.

Or if you think it will make Halloween better, let's just make it on Halloween every year. Maybe after Thanksgiving, we could all use an extra sleep coming out of the turkey coma from the night before.

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