Results from a 2018 national poll revealed country and rock music as being the top preferred genres among women over the age of 18.

The CBS News poll relied on feedback from over 1,000 telephone calls placed earlier in the year. Those conducting the polls gave participants a choice between eight different categories of music. They were Rock, Country, Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, Classical, R&B/Soul, Jazz and Christian/Gospel.

Twenty-four percent of women polled chose country music as being their favorite, compared to 14% for rock. In women over the age of 65, four times more chose country over rock.

Those women who identified as African American selected R&B/Soul as their favorite, with Jazz getting the next highest amount of votes. Christian/Gospel music gathered the least amount of support, with only eight-percent of women choosing it as their favorite.

In a poll I took around the office today of all the female staff, out of nine asked, seven chose rock to just two for country. So, here's my question to Idaho women. Which do you prefer between country or rock?

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