For some strange reason, perfectly normal and sane people lose their minds when they are behind the wheel. Interactions that may occur in person as a smile and ‘oops, sorry’ turn into vehicle crashes and even more violent outbursts. What road is safe anymore?

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People are fallible and will make mistakes. When we make one in a car, it is just compounded by a ton of weight, stress, and speed. Drivers who exhibit extreme road rage take any mistake by another driver as a personal threat. Of course, not all interactions are accidental. 2 drivers with aggression issues end up in a vortex that can pull in completely innocent bystander traffic.

What States Are Best for Avoiding Confrontational Drivers?

Where is safe? As long as there are 2 cars on the road, there is a chance of road rage. If a traveler is looking for the most pleasant driving experience possible, they may want to visit Delaware. It is considered to have the least incidences of road rage. Idaho pulled in a respectable 2nd place followed by South Dakota, Louisiana, and Wyoming.

Arizona is the big winner if you’re looking to challenge yourself in a demolition derby meets Mad Max scenario in real life. Considering they aren’t even one of the most populated states, it is strange, though Phoenix is no small village. Everyone around here complains about Salt Lake City drivers, but Utah isn’t terrible. It ranked 21st in confrontations.

States with cities that have a dense population do have more incidents, but Montana has plenty of open roads and not a high population density and manages to come in at 11th on the confrontational scale. If you’re looking for a nice road trip to share roads with other nice people, perhaps a road trip to Mt. Rushmore would do the trick.

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