How cool would it be if those fictional princesses we all love lived in Twin Falls? It would be a great place for them too. Just look at all the amazing things we have to offer them!

Belle could easily be found at the Twin Falls Public Library. I mean seriously the Twin Falls Library is gorgeous and has a huge selection of books. Plus, Belle probably read all the books in her personal library by now.

Ariel could be found in a lot of places but I think Dierke's would make some sense. There have been rumors that there are lots of trinkets and things she might be interested in collecting at the bottom of the lake.

Jasmie could probably be found on any given day jumping off the Perrine Bridge. She would totally be part of the BASE jumping family. She loves adventure and obviously isn't afraid of heights.

Ratatouille would be found bouncing around from restaurant to restaurant. Fixing up delicious and elegant meals at Canyon Crest, Elevation and maybe even creating a menu all his own.

Snow White would likely be found in the South Hills or closer to the Stanley area where there is plenty of trees and animals to help her through her day. I don't think you can make it one trip through the South Hills without running into one critter or another.

Alice would be found at a place like Twin Beans with all her friends. They can get some tea, have a fun and exciting party and relax in a place she could be herself.

Peter Pan would definitely be found near the visitors center and also at the Perrine Bridge. He could fly down from the bridge, enjoy some time on the Snake River and sink Captain Hook near the Shoshone Falls.

Pocahontas would definitely be found in the Wood River Valley area. A place with plenty of trees, lots of water and animals she could befriend

Merida would be found at Advantage Archery honing her skills, practicing with all the new equipment and helping everyone that comes in there. She could school everyone on archery.

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