A petition is going around to make Twin Falls a Second Amendment Sanctuary City. The petition is to try and convince Twin Falls City Council to pass the resolution protecting citizens of Twin Falls' right to bear arms.

According to the petition, the order is to help protect people's right to bear arms. Something similar has been passed recently in Gooding and other cities in Idaho.

The resolution states that "Whereas the Twin Falls City Council has been elected to represent the People of Twin Falls...and the citizens of Twin Falls are opposed to any legislation or the United States Congress that would infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms and would ban the possession and use of any firearms, magazines, ammunition or accessories..."

It looks like it is basically stating that Twin Falls would be a place of sanctuary if laws were passed that would prevent the legality of owning weapons and ammunitions and accessories for weapons.

There is a lot to read through here and if you want to see the complete resolution and sign the petition to ask Twin Falls City Council to make Twin Falls a Second Amendment Sanctuary City you can click here and fill out the form. It goes further into details about what would and would not be allowed if the resolution were to be passed.

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