Having to take a trip to an area hospital is a stressful enough experience. Whether someone is getting ready to give birth, has an infection, or broke a bone, hospital staffers should do everything in their power to make patients as comfortable as possible. This isn't always the case.

Let me begin by saying nurses and doctors have an incredibly stressful and demanding workload. I personally know a couple of people who are employed at Magic Valley health centers, and some of the stories they tell me are hard to believe. It's a line of work I once considered going into, but I decided the stress would be just too much and pursued another occupation more than 25 years ago.

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Anyone who enters a hospital is usually having a bad day and on edge. Feeling like crap does that to a person, and hospital employees have the unfortunate task of having to absorb this reality. I can say from experience living in the Magic Valley and having to visit area hospitals and urgent care clinics numerous times, that I've never really had a bad experience. Occasionally you might get that nurse that is training that might need two or three attempts to find the vein, but that goes with the job, and every nurse or doctor that is considered to be one of the best around has had to go through this preparation.

A recent chain in a southern Idaho rants/raves page had to do with patient treatment. One woman shared an unpleasant experience about a pregnant relative, and soon the message chain began blowing up with similar alleged accounts of poor treatment. Some of the language used was harsh.

I have no doubt that the experiences shared in the post are accurate to a certain extent, but we have to remember what these men and women have to deal with on a minute-by-minute basis.

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