What would you do? What would you do if you pulled up to a restaurant and saw a dog chained to a tree outside howling? It raises a lot of questions and what should you do? You can call the police, pet the dog, ignore it, or so much more. It is a unique situation to be in, and one you hope to never see, but if you see a dog chained outside a restaurant in the Magic Valley, what would you do?

Dog Tied Outside Twin Falls Restaurant

Recently outside of a restaurant in Twin Falls was a husky that was howling as the owners sat inside eating their meal. As a bystander, there are a few choices to make. Do you call the police to come and check out the situation? Do you go in and complain or look for the owners? Do you ignore it? In today's society, everyone seems to think they have to be involved in these types of moments, but should anyone do anything? The dog isn't yours and while it is howling and seems upset, it doesn't seem to be in danger. The weather on this day was brisk, meaning it wasn't going to overheat, and doesn't it being tied-up beat being stuck in a car? What is the difference between this tree and being chained up in a yard? 

Dogs in the Summer in Twin Falls

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

Some may think that the owners were doing the dog a service, and perhaps they were. Letting the dog be outside is better than it being locked in a hot car. The good news is on this day the weather was in the 50's so a cracked window could have been sufficient, but on a normal summer afternoon, tying it up outside would be the better option. The animal wasn't far from a window, and it can be assumed the owners were watching from inside, but that isn't known. It can be argued, if the dog was tied to the tree, why was it not left at home? They could have been traveling, or perhaps they wanted the dog to be a part of their festivities later in the day. Either way, the family did return to walk the dog around the building before putting it back in their vehicle, and taking off for the day. 

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I saw this recently when going out to eat with my family, and outside of talking to the dog, my family and I walked on in. Had the day been warmer, we might have contemplated giving the dog some water since it had none, but the animal seemed to be doing fine, outside of perhaps wanting some of the food it could smell. If you ever drive up and see this situation, what would you do? 

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