So, I know I'm suffering from the constant campfire air outside. Air quality advisories keep popping up and the fires aren't out yet. People with breathing problems, like my daughter's asthma, are supposed to stay indoors. Sport activities at schools have been brought indoors as well. Everybody locked indoors when the temps are wonderful is not my idea of an ideal weekend. What to do?

Well, there's plenty!

  • Gemstone Climbing has an Aerial Silks class this weekend, but you could always just try the wall. Or... Both!
  • Jump Time Idaho has plenty of different activities, and it's always a great idea to jump with the kids and get pictures trying to get out of the foam pit.
  • Why not chase each other around and shoot lasers, or putter around with glow golf? Laser Mania can help you take the energy edge off!
  • Bowling is one of my personal favorites. Cosmic Bowling at Bowladrome this weekend. Doesn't matter if you're any good. Matters if you have fun!
  • Hands On has Fused Glass tomorrow morning and Sudae funday on the 26th.
  • Perhaps a mind challenge? Twin Falls Escape Rooms is my daughter's vote.
  • The Orpheum Theatre has 2 nights of improv comedy to get your ab workout in for the weekend, and music for Sunday.

Ready, set, go! We're gonna play the haze away!

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