So many places around Twin Falls turn into a Christmas wonderland. The Orton Botanical Gardens is one of the coolest displays in the area. The entire garden is lit up and you can feel the holiday spirit.

Orton Botanical Garden Information

The Orton Botanical Garden is a non-profit garden that is dedicated to plants that really are meant to be in the Magic Valley, the plants that thrive in this atmosphere. It is located at 867 Filer Avenue West in Twin Falls. It is open most of the year and it is 5 acres of beautiful foliage. Since it is a non-profit organization, the garden operates mostly on donations and volunteers.

Orton Botanical Garden Christmas Transformation

The 5 acres are covered in lights with holiday and Christmas displays throughout the trail. You can now go see Christmas in the Garden until December 30th. Hours of operation are 6 pm to 10 pm and the entrance closes at 9:30 pm. They do ask for a suggested donation of $5 dollars per person or $15 dollars per family. It is the biggest fundraiser of the year for them so if you feel like donating more, they would gladly take it.

Things To Consider When You Go

Typically, the garden will close due to inclement weather but you can always check their Facebook page if the weather looks gross and you want to be sure. It will be cold so make sure you are prepared for the weather when you go. It is 5 acres and it does require walking. Make sure you are prepared for that as well. Otherwise, just make sure you take lots of pictures and get in the Christmas spirit.

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