Quick Response Firearms is one of the newest firearms store in Twin Falls. It is locally owned and operated. They have some really amazing things in there. The store is changing locations but they won't be moving far.

Right now they are located behind Albertsons next to the liquor store on Blue Lakes Blvd. The store is pretty small but full of some really great stuff. If you have been near that complex recently you may have noticed a sign at the front of the complex with Quick Response Firearms logo. They will be moving to the front side of the building. In fact, they are in the process of moving some stuff as we speak.

I am not sure when the new store front will be open for business. I do think that their new location, even though isn't far away from the previous one, is going to do wonders for their business. If you didn't know Quick Response Firearms was back there you could easily drive by or never know it existed. Now their new store front will be facing Addison Avenue with a large sign that is welcoming and eye catching.

The business actually started as online only and has only grown since. If you have ever gone in there you know the people in there are some of the nicest, most knowledgeable and interesting people on the planet. They are great sales people too. Almost every time I walk in there I walk out with a new toy.

The new store front isn't open yet so keep going to their original location.

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