Even though it has happened a few times already since I moved to Idaho, it still surprises me that the Northern Lights can become visible at times in Idaho. I still have never seen them but I just need to head a little further north. Some people have reported seeing the lights as far south as Craters of the Moon. So, seeing the Aurora Borealis isn't out of the question if you are willing to drive a bit.

The last time I heard about the possibility of Northern Lights was back in July of 2017. That was the one where people had posted on Facebook that they saw the lights at Craters of the Moon. We have another chance to see the Northern Lights this Saturday thanks to a solar flare. In the National Weather Service post they show that the most likely chance for seeing the lights are between the green and yellow lines which looks to be as low as McCall, Salmon, Challis, and Island Park in eastern Idaho.

If you do plan to make a long drive to see the lights make sure to check the weather because cloud cover could impede your ability to see them.

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