Last year Rupert organized a fun event that is sure to be even better this year. The Rupert Beet Drop will take place on New Year's Eve in front of the Historic Wilson Theater. So happy the event was not cancelled.

Music starts at 7 p.m. in the Rupert Town Square where people can still social distance, gather and say good bye to the crazy year that was 2020. They will be dropping a giant beet and everyone in the square can count down together.

At the stroke of midnight there will be fireworks and more entertainment after to help celebrate the end of 2020 and technically the end of a decade. The artists playing music will be Jonathan McEuen, Barton And Bollar, Devon Tyler and DJ Tanner.

Who else is super ready to put this year behind them? I know we are.

Last year the event was absolutely amazing. Just remember that it is going to be outside so dress warm, have a good time and stay safe. There will also be a beer garden because nobody can have a New Year's Eve party without some beer to celebrate.

Again, just make sure you are safe, get a designated driver, don't drink and drive. Let's start 2021 off the way that 2020 should have been all year long. Safe, happy and excited to be with friends and family.

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