I will admit that I don't get out much, but a new video I've discovered may feature the tiniest horse ever.

Andy Goin shared this on his Facebook page and it started a wild internet search to find out exactly what this is.

My rabbit trail of attempting to find out what type of horse this is led me to a Bored Panda article with 39 different miniature horses. That's a lot of tiny horses.

I then turned to Wikipedia and their miniature horse page. They claim that horses this size are the result of centuries of specialized breeding. I officially don't want to know how or why this is done. One very positive reason is a tiny horse can potentially be used as a service animal. Imagine having a tiny horse buddy. Pleasant thoughts.

The Spruce Pets says these tiny horses don't come cheap. Expect to shell out at least $1,000 to have a tiny horse at your home.

Have you had a tiny horse? If so, I really do need to see pictures. I am now a big tiny horse fan.

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