NFL jerseys are kind of a big deal. Almost every fan has their favorite player's jersey, or multiple players. I have too many jerseys, to be honest. I'm a huge Denver Broncos fan, and I bought a Julius Thomas jersey in 2014 but now he's playing in Jacksonville, so I have this #80 jersey in my closet... and he's not even on the team. What am I supposed to do with this? Well, nothing really, but if you're a Seahawks fan with a similar problem, you're in luck!

Enter Rep The Squad, a new jersey rental service that allows subscribers to rent a jersey and swap it for a different one whenever they want. You can wear a Russell Wilson home jersey, and then swap it for a Color Rush Bobby Wagner the following week. Next game on the road? Richard Sherman's away jersey, right at your doorstep. You can even get throwback jerseys for legends like Steve Largent. Sweet, right?

The service is only available for fans of the Seahawks, Niners, and Detroit Lions, which is fitting considering that nobody would want to permanently keep a Lions jersey anyway. You can sign up now and get your first jersey before Week 1. All the details can be found here.

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