The year 2020 will forever be linked with certain vocabulary that most of us didn't use in our daily lives. Words like "social-distancing," "quarantine," "pandemic," and "unprecedented," are spoken by those in the media covering the pandemic all day and night long.

COVID-19 has turned most of us into hermits. I'm more than happy to be spending 99% of my time with my family. There are no other human beings I'd rather go through this ordeal with. When it comes to our family pets, it appears a large segment of the United States population would prefer to ride out the Coronavirus with their face-licking family members.

A recent survey shared by (taken by The Harris Poll)  has revealed some interesting figures. More than 1,300 pet owners took part in the survey, and apparently over one-third of them prefer the company of their pet than significant other. Two in five women also stated that their moods are vastly better when in the company of cats or dogs, as opposed to their spouses.

While nearly half of all males (47%) said that their significant other (partner or spouse) is the one they would prefer to weather the COVID-19 storm with, the data revealed that 44% of females would take their pet in a heartbeat.

The Harris Poll was conducted online from July 16 through July 20 of 2020. The total number of pet-owning, U.S. adults (18 or over) that took part in the online survey was 1,378.

As for me, I'd WAY rather quarantine with my wife than dog. It has in large part to do with the fact that my dog is a much bigger fan of my wife.

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