This is way cool! A new children's book series written and illustrated by Idahoans focuses on teaching children (and adults for that matter) Idaho history and encourages them to explore our great state.

The book series is called "A While Ago in Idaho" and narrated by a beaver named “Belmont Beaver” which is a nod to the beavers that were parachuted out of airplanes to relocate them. I am sure that is a book all it’s own.

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According to their website and Facebook page, the book series focuses on teaching people the less know and strange facts about Idaho as well as taking them on tours of some of the great places in the state. There are also activity pages where kids can mark where they have been in the state, where they would like to go and of course, puzzles and coloring pages.

They even have a book donation program and the company will donate 10 books to Idaho elementary schools for every 100 books sold! That is amazing. Anything that encourages reading is something I can get behind.

You can subscribe to a newsletter as well as subscribe to receive the books as they become published. Right now there are two books published and an adventure kit. Each book is $19.99 but are also available at certain libraries as well.

Would it be strange as an adult to purchase all of these books and subscribe just because I want to? No? Didn’t think so.

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