A new food truck called "Porked Out Food Truck" will be opening soon in Twin Falls and I could not be more excited. The barbecue truck is in the process of being built and they are hoping to be open next month.

Owners of the truck Tyler and Lacey Jones said they are hoping to have the food truck up and running by February 17th and they will be located at the back parking lot of Albertson's. Their logo is pretty epic, a dabbing pig.

Tyler and Lacey said they make everything on their menu from scratch. They are making homemade barbecue sauces, bacon jam, rubs and even a mango chutney. To be honest with you I am not sure what a bacon jam tastes like but it sounds like something that I have to put on everything I eat.

Their menu is pretty diverse. They are going to have sandwiches, tacos, fries, truffle macaroni and cheese and even deep fried bread pudding. The first thing I am going to have to try is the truffle mac and cheese. You can even add pulled pork to it. I am already planning on breaking my New Year's healthy resolution, the menu is drool worthy.

Tyler and Lacey Jones
Tyler and Lacey Jones

They focus all their attention on pork so the sandwiches, tacos and fries have pork on them. Tyler and Lacey also said they plan on purchasing everything they can locally.

I am eager to see the full layout of the truck. Since it is still being built we don't have an exact look at it, but we have an idea. Barring any complications make sure you mark your calendar for February 17th.

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