Today (Feb 20) is National Love Your Pet Day! In honor of it, I searched the Internet for a good Idaho example of the type of joy and companionship pets have to offer us humans.

 I found this video of a couple taking their dog out for an afternoon of sandboarding at Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho. While the dog itself doesn't shred any of the dunes the park has to offer, it's very obvious from the video that he/she didn't want to be excluded from the fun.

I have been a dog owner my entire adult life. And while my 9-year-old English Bulldog "Babs" might be the most stubborn animal on all fours, I still can't imagine not coming home and seeing that drooling, panting wrinkled face greet me at the door.

This is my pet "Babs." (Below)

Greg Jannetta

Don't forget to love your pets!



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