Get ready for Music Bingo! Yes, it is as cool as it sounds. And you can bring the entire family, or have a fun night out challenging your friends. 2nd South Market is the place to be!

Music BINGO At 2nd South Market

Music BINGO is a combination of music and BINGO that you can play. Basically, the host, Dylan Bronson plays a variety of different clips from songs. As soon as you recognize the song, you mark it off on your BINGO card. There is a variety of different genres of music that he decides to play so you better be well versed. Or at least have friends that know music well so you can bounce the song titles off each other.

What Else Is Going On During Music BINGO

2nd South Market always has fun stuff going on. During Music BINGO you can get a drink at Tap House, they have a weekly special for the event. You can also win some prizes throughout the night. There are plenty of options for food and drinks as well. The fact that it is a food hall makes it easy for everyone to get something they enjoy.

When Is Music BINGO?

Music BINGO is every other Wednesday. That means one will be tonight (August 24th) and the next one will be September 7th. It starts at 7 pm each night. Seriously, it is a great idea to go down and check it out with family or friends. I think it would make one heck of a date night or girls' night out! Make sure you bring people who know all sorts of different music. You don't want to miss your chance to yell BINGO!

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