Happy 4th of July. I really hope you have a good air conditioner. This is why.

The resident weather guessers (aka National Weather Service) are warning us that we could see triple-digit high temperatures between now and into the weekend. That's right. 100 degrees is maybe the new norm.

Check this out from Weather.gov.


The Weather Channel (aka meteorologists that are prettier than NWS people sometimes) is predicting we'll top 100 three or four days this week.

No matter who is right, it's gonna be dang hot. On a normal summer day, it's crazy dangerous to leave pets or children in vehicles. Any stupidity with temps where they'll be this week will be lethal.

If you have elderly neighbors, it would also be a great idea to check on them and make sure they're doing OK. If they happen to lose air conditioning this week, that's a big problem.

Stay up-to-date with the latest forecast and give your air conditioner a big hug. It is your friend.

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