Car crashes catch people's eyes and attention. There is a reason that when crashes happen traffic slows down and everyone has to turn and look, knowing it didn't end well for those involved. Many Americans watch NASCAR, hoping to see wrecks because cars being destroyed gets people excited. While driving a car into the canyon is not at all recommended, because it will not have a good ending, seeing cars fly over the cliff's edge and fall into the rocky canyon bottom below is a spectacle some may enjoy watching, and perhaps should be an event in Twin Falls.

Cars Launching into Canyon in Twin Falls

Each state and town has its traditions and events that residents look forward to every year. Some are attempted and fail, and others are such a hit they become a huge part of the community. One of the odd events, but exciting ones, that I have heard of is the annual 4th of July car launch event in Alaska. As you can see in the video above, a crowd gathers at the bottom of a cliff and watch cars get launched off the side, crashing down below. The crowd is sitting terrifyingly close, but nobody seems to be worried. Watching this video and how my coworkers and I reacted to it, got us thinking, could Twin Falls have a similar event using the canyon?

Bring Car Launching Event to Twin Falls

This event could be a huge hit in Twin Falls, and wouldn't be that hard to set up. Imagine having a crowd near Centennial Park or some other place down in the canyon and watching cars be launched over the side, hitting the rocks and tumbling down or imploding into tens or hundreds of pieces. It would make for a great summer traditional event and would be a great way for the community to enjoy an afternoon outdoors in the summer. There would need to be some cleanup, so perhaps tickets would be a good idea to help cover the cleanup, with other proceeds going to charity. The video above this paragraph shows how they launch the cars and mentions that over 5,000 people attended this year. Food vendors would be welcomed and would likely make a killing as a large crowd would come out to watch the spectacle.

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There are already some great events in the summer in Twin Falls and across the Magic Valley, but there is nothing like this. It could be a huge charity event if done right, and it would draw in tourists from across the country, as it is unique and not something every place can offer. Not everyone can get to Alaska in the summer, but Idaho could be a more real possibility. Would you come to a car launching event of the canyon? Let's make it happen and watch the cars fly next summer.

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