What would you do? What would you do if you had a bunch of aerial fireworks, but no place to shoot them off in Twin Falls? They are technically illegal, but you can purchase them by signing a waiver to not shoot them off in the state. While many sign this waiver, few keep to it. Officers know this and will enforce the law if they catch you, but it is impossible to enforce it on everyone that ignores it. If you choose to obey the law, as you should, what do you do with your fireworks that you can't light? There are a few options, but which is the right one, and what would you do?

Aerial Fireworks in Twin Falls

Credit: TSMMedia/El Paso
Credit: TSMMedia/El Paso

Aerial fireworks are illegal in Twin Falls County, but that hasn't stopped people from setting them off. If you are caught, you will receive a fine of $156. If you have aerial fireworks, you might be wondering what to do with them. The worst choice is you can take a chance and shoot them off, but make sure you have the money put away first if you are caught. You could find someone that has a permit to shoot them off and become friends with them. You could sell them, but that is also illegal without a permit. You could toss them, but that is a lot of money wasted, or you could hold onto them, but who knows how long you need to store them, and that isn't a safe option either. 

How to Shoot Off Fireworks in Twin Falls

The legal and safest way to buy and shoot fireworks is to stick with the basics, like tanks, sparklers, snakes, and fountains. These will keep you out of trouble and within the law. Remember, you are only allowed to fire off fireworks between the hours of 8 AM to midnight, and July 5 is the final day to do so. If you do have aerials, then your options are tougher. Living in the country will serve you better than in town. Watch the video above, and let it serve as a reminder to be extra safe, and to not be sitting close to the fireworks being lit.

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Make sure to be smart and safe this 4th of July. Do not end up being the people in the video above, and obey all the laws to avoid fines you don't want to pay. If you have a stock of aerial fireworks you are dying to shoot off, but are not sure where or how, what would you do?

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