The trend is continuing, more and more mobile entertainment is popping up in Twin Falls and the surrounding area. Now, you can do mobile mini-golfing for any fun get-together or outing.

Mobile Mini Golf With Mini Golf To Go Idaho

Mini Golf To Go Idaho is a new business that you can rent for any fun event or gathering. The vendor has 9 holes and everything you need to play. So you don't have to worry about putters or golf balls. All you need is a space to have them set up.

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Where Mobile Mini Golf Can Set Up

If you have a large enough space indoors, they will do that for you. These little mini golf holes are adorable and they look like they fold up nicely. They really don't take up a ton of space and it looks like even with little kids, you could have a great time. If you want to set it up outside, that is obviously a great option as well.

Mobile Mini Golf Perks

Mini Golf To Go Idaho can go anywhere. The holes look pretty challenging for their size, there are still obstacles to figure out as well. They are located at 350 Main Ave in Twin Falls and if you would like to reserve them for a party you can give them a call at 208-736-7268.

I am really hoping we will be able to see more of them at different events like the Mobile Hot Spot where all the mobile vendors gather and big events like the fair. Can't wait to give them a try.

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