December 2nd was the first official day the McRib graced the McDonald's menu with it's presence. People either love it or hate it, and this year I might say that I didn't hate it.

I honestly still am not sure what the hype is about, but I will say this time when I ate it, it was better than I remember it being. In years past I feel like the meat was more fat and gristle than meat. This year I will say it was definitely a better texture and better meat.

I will say that the barbecue sauce was better than I remember it and not as sweet. I am not a huge fan of sweet barbecue sauce and I feel like it changed to a tangier sauce. Overall I feel like my aversion to the McRib has diminished quite a bit. A few years ago if you would have suggested that I eat one I may have been a little more rude. However, I must say for what it is, it isn't bad.

I ate the entire sandwich which I have never done before, and I definitely didn't hate it which makes me believe that it has just gotten better over time. You don't really go into a fast food restaurant and expect the best burger of your life, and you probably shouldn't expect the most wonderous thing that you have ever eaten but for what it is, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

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