It is no secret that Idaho has not legalized marijuana in any form. I am not saying this is a good thing or a bad thing, I do, however, find it interesting that officially more states have approved marijuana in full legality than having kept it fully illegal.

Idaho Is One Of The Few States Left With Zero Legality

According to different state laws, there are only 4 states left that have kept marijuana illegal in its entirety. Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, and South Carolina have not legalized CBS oil, medicinal marijuana, or recreational marijuana. There are actually more states that have legalized it in its entirety and decriminalized it than states that have not. With the exception of North Carolina and Nebraska which have not legalized it in any form, but have decriminalized it.

Idaho Is Surrounded By Legalization

Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Montana have fully legalized marijuana and decriminalized it. Utah has legalized marijuana medically. That means the only state that is touching Idaho that also has kept it illegal in its entirety is Wyoming.

Is Idaho Ready To Legalize Marijuana?

I feel like this is mixed a lot. In previous polls, we have seen that people are more open to it than in years passed. Many people I have spoken with believing it should be allowed for medical purposes. The Federal Government has been discussing legalizing it on a national level. I am not saying I am for or against legalization. I am curious if more Idahoans want the legalization than do not.

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