It looks like a new detection device for marijuana may be hitting the streets next year some time. Driving under the influence of marijuana is just as dangerous and just as illegal but it is hard to detect. That may just change.

Those who drive under the influence of alcohol can be breathalyzed and we can determine a persons blood alcohol level. Right now for marijuana, the only way to test is blood, hair and urine. Not only does that make things hard for officers in the field, because they aren't exactly things that can be tested in the field, but marijuana also stays in the system longer. Meaning, if someone were to smoke on a Sunday, marijuana can be detected in their system through urine, blood and hair days later without consuming any more.

WebMD tried to explain everything that goes in to a breathalyzer for marijuana and it is pretty interesting. It also brings up a few other issues before a breathalyzer for marijuana could be utilized. Idaho, it is illegal no matter what so any testing for it could get you in trouble. There is no standard level of THC that determines if a person is intoxicated, so that is going to have to be regulated.

In states that have legalized marijuana, like Washington, the amount of people involved in an accident while also testing positive for marijuana has increased from 8% to 17%, but again, because marijuana stays in the system, there is no way right now to determine a person is high through breath and there are no regulations on what an intoxication level of marijuana is, that really only tells us more people are smoking it.

There is a long way to go for marijuana regulation and for police to catch those driving under the influence.

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