Since Mountain Home has an Air Force Base, I decided to make that the point that would be bombed. You can adjust it based on the size of the bomb as well which is incredibly interesting. With the largest bomb and the target at Mountain Home, fortunately we would be safe here in Twin Falls. Unfortunately, a large portion of Idaho would be impacted.

This interactive map says that if Mountain Home was hit, over 19,000 people would be killed and over 4,000 injured. With the aftermath of the blast, Ketchum, Hailey and Fairfield would all essentially be wiped off the map. Ironically, most of Boise would be ok and Twin Falls wouldn't get anything, even radiation.

The chances of Mountain Home getting bombed is slim to none in my opinion. I don't think it is a large enough base. Out of even more morbid curiosity, I had to see what it would be like if Las Vegas was hit and if it would do anything to Twin Falls. Again, the answer is no, but almost all of Utah would be destroyed.

In my opinion, Las Vegas is way more likely to get hit with Nellis Air Force Base and Creech being so close. If Las Vegas were to get hit, there would be over 1.5 million deaths and over 300,000 injuries. No part of Idaho would be impacted physically.

Let's just hope nothing like this ever happens. It is a much happier world to live in that way.

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