Tilt was an amazing little arcade, don't get me wrong. I had my fair share of fun there. Now however, the Magic Valley Mall has a new arcade that is bigger and better than ever.

The new arcade is called Play Joy and it has all the classic video games you would find in any arcade, but it also has the extras like air hockey and basketball games. I had no idea it was in there until I went to do a little shopping yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise to come across and my inner child definitely needed to check it out.

Pc Courtney Salmon
Pc Courtney Salmon

Apparently you get a player card, you swipe your player card and that is how you redeem tickets from the games. Genius! Plus they said that more games are on the way so you get to look forward to more variety coming your way.

I think this is something Twin Falls desperately needed. Again, Tilt was great, but this has so much more variety and it has a true arcade feel with all the darkness and flashing lights of the games. I am definitely going to have to do an adult date night here and check it out. Who doesn't want to spend their 5 tickets on candy you don't really want but tastes so much better when paid with game tickets.

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