Originally, the Magic Valley Beer Festival was supposed to happen on August 1st. Due to the Coronavirus, the event had to be cancelled. However, if things go as planned, they were able to reschedule the event for the end of August. It looks like it is back on!

This is all dependent on the status of the Coronavirus. If things get worse or Idaho shuts down further, there is still a chance it will be cancelled again. However, for now the event looks like it is going to happen on September 26th according to their Facebook page.

They are still waiting for a permit from the city but they say they are "full speed ahead". There will still be live music and of course, lots of beer. They also stated they will have extra COVID 19 precautions and the get together is still dependent on whether or not Idaho remains in stage 4 or reopens completely (which would be nice).

They said on their social media that tickets will go back on sale as soon as all the permits have been officially issued and everything is in place. The event again will be September 26th from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. at the Twin Falls City Park. You can follow their Facebook page to get up to date information on the event and tickets when they go on sale.

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