When it comes to finding something unique for a gift idea, it can be daunting. Some people buy things for themselves and remove the chance to surprise them. Others never talk about things they want, so the list is nonexistent.

Credit Magic Valley Mall
Credit Magic Valley Mall

Maybe it is time to take a look at something not so mainstream. A unique and thoughtful gift that can help the person you’re wanting to show how much you care. Magic Rock City in the Magic Valley Mall is open next to Kohl's and has something different for those people who are hard to buy for.

Who doesn’t want a little rock candy? Perfect for ‘little things’ that may go into a type of sock that gets hung up around Christmastime. Odd-flavored Hammonds chocolates, unique flavored sodas, gourmet lollipops, funky cotton candy, and loose-leaf tea that you can’t find in the regular grocery store can be found here.

An apothecary? How different. Could there be one at Magic Rock City? Yep. Incense? Yeah, got that too. They have some intricate incense burners along with decal stickers, magnets, soaps, and hat pins available along with knick-knack bags to carry them all in.

Maybe, just maybe, you could even take a look at the rocks in Magic Rock City. Grab a worry stone to help you decide on what rocks are best for each person in your life. There are free informational cards for each type of rock to help you decide. There are smoothed and polished rocks, rocks carved into shapes from simple turtles to intricate dragons to aliens.

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Go for something completely different for those difficult people in your life. Maybe a little something for yourself as well.

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