Ok, you caught me, it is a dog not the Country Singer. But his name is Luke Bryan and he is absolutely adorable. Luke Bryan is looking for a foster or a forever home if someone is looking to add to their family.

According to Friends Furever Animal Rescue, Luke Bryan is about a year old and was in Texas for about 6 months until the rescue that he was at had to close down. Now, he is in Jerome waiting for the perfect family to join.

According to Friends Furever Animal Rescue, Luke Bryan is super friendly with dogs and other people. He is neutered do you don't have to worry about any oops puppies and is current on all of his vaccines. Plus, when you adopt him he will be microchipped so you won't lose him.

I even dare say that this Luke Bryan is even better looking than the Country Singer Luke Bryan. I would be thrilled to meet either one of them though.

And if you don't have the space or the time to fully take care of him and make him part of your family, he is still looking for a foster so you can fall in love with him, make him have a wonderful life while he is waiting for his forever family.

I wish I would have had a big adorable lovable dog like this growing up. How can you say no to that face?

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