I think we got ripped off on moon names. Other planets in the solar system have cool moons named "Ganymede," "Io," "Titan," "Europa," "Phobos," and "Charon." Ours is called "The Moon." And considering it's the 5th biggest moon in the system, I think it should get a little more respect... and a new name.

As I watched the beautiful orange harvest moon rise over the Magic Valley last weekend, I couldn't help be struck by how beautiful it is. How many men and women have gazed up at its face and been inspired? And yet we label it with a generic label not worthy of its majesty. Calling The Moon "The Moon" would be like calling the Earth "The Planet," or naming your dog "The Dog." We can do better. The Moon--the only other celestial body we've set foot on--deserves better.

So what do you think? Could we come up with a better name for Earth's only natural satellite? I say we start a petition to the International Astronomical Union.