Now Everyone Has A Chance To Go To The Moon
Earlier this year there was a company that announced they would take your ashes to the edge of space and spread them into the atmosphere. That sounds cool but gross at the same time because those ashes will come raining down on us eventually.
That's Not Green Cheese
Tourists love souvenirs. When we visit a new place, we feel like we need to bring home a piece. We even brought back souvenir rocks from the moon. But to do that, we had to leave something behind. What exactly did the Apollo astronauts leave on the moon?
Why Haven’t We Been Back To The Moon?
On July 20th, 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong became the first men to set foot on the moon. At 2:18 MDT Armstrong announced, “Houston, Tranquility Base here-the Eagle has landed,” and an estimated one billion people watching or listening around the world cheered. The world was united in triumph…

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