We all do dumb things from time to time. Growing up, it is likely that in some form or fashion, we did something we shouldn't have, and perhaps even broke the law. Many of us tried alcohol before turning 21, tried a cigarette before turning 18, or maybe have tried pot at some point in our life. There are laws and crimes that we all break in life. It doesn't make them ok, but typically it doesn't hurt anyone or affect anyone. There are also times we break a law that could hurt others, or perhaps cost someone their life. One law is being broken around Idaho, and officers are looking for the culprits that are doing it, and warning residents to be careful. 

Stop Signs Being Stolen in Magic Valley

Stealing street signs is nothing new. They make great decorations, and depending on the sign, they can be fun to have as well. Stealing a sign with a street name on it is one thing, but stealing a stop sign is completely another. The name of the street will only cause people to get lost and miss a turn, but a stop sign can lead to severe consequences. Recently, some stop signs have been stolen around the Magic Valley, and the Twin Falls Sheriff's Department is asking for information on who is doing it, and also issuing a warning to all residents in the area. They have had to respond to multiple calls of signs missing, and are wanting all drivers to be cautious when approaching an intersection with a missing stop sign. 

Missing Stop Signs in Idaho

Credit: Grace Rowan/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Credit: Grace Rowan/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

While there are multiple signs stolen, the main area that has been targeted is around 3100 N 2600 E area. The Sheriff's Department is asking that you contact them if you see anyone stealing signs or see any that have not been reported. You can do so by calling 208-735-1911. Make sure to slow down and check before going through an intersection, especially if there is no sign, and share the post above or this story, to help spread the word. For those stealing signs, it is putting everyone at risk and can lead to wrecks, injuries, and fatalities. Stealing signs is against the law, and should not be encouraged, especially signs that affect driving, such as yield signs, stop signs, or crossing signs. 

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Make sure to be cautious and aware, as you never know when you could be approaching an intersection that you think you don't need to stop, only to find out the sign is missing. If you see anyone stealing signs, please report them. For those stealing them, please stop, as you are putting others in danger. There are places you can buy signs, that will not harm the residents of Idaho. Stop. 

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