Our soldiers and their families make daily sacrifices for our country. Some families are without their husband or wife, mom or dad, son or daughter for a year or more.

Soldiers miss important holidays, the births of their children and other moments that they will never be able to get back. All for the sacrifice or our country!

Jordon and Krystal Thomas make daily sacrifices for our freedom. Krystal is in Idaho raising three children, Kassandra who is 9 1/2 Andrea who just turned 8, and a baby girl Abbigail who is 4 months old.

Jordon has been in the military since 2009. He was recently deployed in July. While Jordon was deployed his daughter, Abbigail, was born. He will miss his baby's first Christmas and won't be able to hold her for the first time until January or February.These circumstances make it hard for Krystal and Jordon at times.

Because of YOUR generous donations, Townsquare Cares was able to give Krystal and Jordon a $500 gift this Christmas in hopes of making things a little easier for their family.

Thank you to the Thomas family and other families who have deployed family members for all of the daily sacrifices they make for our country. And thank you to everyone that was able to give to Townsquare Cares!