Throughout the day yesterday my phone kept lighting up with messages from friends and family. Some messages just wished me and my family a good Christmas, others sent pictures or told stories of what Santa brought them or their kids. It is nice to see the ones I love get spoiled rotten.

Here are some the amazing surprises I was told about:

  • One c0uple had been looking at a house for a few months. At the beginning of December the husband told his wife that the house had been taken off the market for unknown reasons, she was devastated. That devastation changed quickly yesterday morning when she was blind folded and lead to the house she was told was taken off the market. Turns out the house was taken off the market because her husband had bought it for her Christmas present. WOW! She was so stunned she could barely retell the story.
  • Another amazing surprise, that will warm your heart is a solider coming home to his children on Christmas day. You have to see this video:
  • A good friend of mine was surprised with diamonds.
  • On Facebook this morning I saw that someone was surprised with a new car.

What amazing Christmas surprises have you heard about?

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