One of Twin Falls' favorite restaurants is gearing up to reopen its doors after having to shut down for unforeseen circumstances. Jakers is going to be back up and running Friday, September 30th.

The restaurant had to shut down due to unforeseen circumstances. Jakers officials did not make a statement to us other than what was on their Facebook page and website. We do have a source that said that the restaurant had to shut down due to flooding. The flooring had to be redone and other repairs had to be made.

When Does Jakers Reopen In Twin Falls

The good news is that the restaurant plans on reopening on Friday, September 30th. The sign outside the restaurant said they will reopen for dinner at 4 pm. I know the employees are ready to get back to work and you are ready to get some more of that great food.

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Jakers is one of Twin Falls' favorite restaurants and we are excited to have them back up and running.

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