Dierkes Lake, above the famous Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, is a popular destination for locals and tourists. People show up to swim, fish, hike, and occasionally get chased by geese.

Things That Might Surprise You About Dierkes Lake

Even if you grew up in Twin Falls and spent your childhood playing at Dierkes, there are some things about the lake and park that you probably don’t know. We found 10 things that surprise first-time visitors and some cool historical information, including where the odd name for the lake comes from.

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Dierkes Lake

You may have grown up visiting Dierkes Lake or maybe you are new to the area, but we bet you don't know everything about the murky lake and the area around it.

Strange Stories About Dierkes Lake

I think the water at Dierkes looks gross, and all the geese around pooping everywhere only makes the thought of swimming in the water extra unappealing. In addition to the gross factor of Dierkes Lake, there is also a fable that living in the lake is a monster who makes the lake glow green at night. No thanks, I’ll stay on the land and risk my safety with the angry geese and questionable behavior of the other visitors.

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Where Did The Name Come From For Dierkes Lake

Dierkes is a weird name, so where did it come from? When the area was first discovered in 1907, the man who found it was named John Dierke. He planted an orchard in the canyon but eventually, the area flooded. The land was sold to the Foss family in 1962 and then to the City of Twin Falls in 1969.

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