Southern Idaho should prepare for 4 days of snow coming our way. We didn’t get a white Christmas, but we did get a good dusting after the holiday that has stuck around on many lawns into the new year. We now have a chance for even more snow and possibly dangerous road conditions in the mornings.

4 Days in a Row of Snow Expected in Southern Idaho

We won’t be getting buried in snow over the next 4 days, but each day will bring new snow with light accumulations. The snow is expected to start falling in Southern Idaho on Wednesday evening, with about an inch of accumulation overnight. There will be light flurries during the day on Wednesday, but the real snow isn’t expected until the evening. All that new snow could be a problem for drivers, so give yourself time to drive safely. The snow will continue to fall Thursday morning with just a light additional dusting over the snow from Wednesday night.

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The forecast for Twin Falls shows a lull in the snow on Thursday afternoon but picking up again Friday morning before noon. Then the snow will return one more time on Saturday afternoon and evening with another inch of possible accumulation.

Further into the forecast, Sunday and Monday don’t show any new snow but Tuesday and Wednesday another inch or 2 of snow could fall on the Magic Valley.

Snow Expected in Boise and Pocatello This Week

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Boise and Pocatello also have snow in their forecasts. Pocatello can expect snow every day for the next 10 days and Boise has snow in the forecast on Friday and Saturday this week then on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week they could get around 5 inches of snowfall.

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